4wd mechanic Morisset NSW
So, we know that you are a gearhead, you’re a dirt warrior after all, but are you capable of fitting all those lovely accessories on your mean machine? You are probably a dab hand with a spanner yourself, most off roaders are, but there are times when you need the help of a mechanic.
Unless you have a fully fitted out workshop at home, some of those upgrades, additions, and replacements will need the attention of a qualified mechanic to make sure that they are fitted right and function properly. That’s where an experienced 4wd mechanic will come in handy. We at Southlakes4x4 recommend that you use the right kind of mechanic when you are pimping up your ride. Here’s why it’s important:

  • What’s the difference between a 4wd mechanic and a normal mechanic? Not much really, except enthusiasm for the more exotic kinds of vehicles and the experience of working on customised off roaders.
  • As most high performance vehicles, whether ordinary saloon kind of cars or purpose built 4×4 drives, are computer controlled, much of the time a qualified auto electrician is required. Because so many of those wonderful gadgets, not to mention normal functions, run off the electrical system, an experienced 4wd mechanic is recommended. As we all know, adding another accessory may put others out of sync.
  • Many off roaders take the precaution of installing radio communication in their vehicles, just in case of serious accidents; a wise precaution considering the dangerous conditions and areas dirt warriors deliberately drive themselves into. And let’s not forget all those lighting accessories too. All run off your electrical system and because of that, it needs to be installed correctly. You don’t want any short circuits in the back of beyond, do you? For that reason, a 4wd mechanic is recommended to do the installations.
  • Anyone contemplating a long outback trip would be wise to have a pre-trip vehicle inspection. Accidents may happen, but it is better to check for obvious signs of trouble before setting out. A normal mechanic can easily give your off roader a check over and a service, but will one be able to safely determine if any of your essential accessories are in danger of failing or represent a future problem? Better be safe than sorry and hire a 4wd mechanic for the job.


Here at Southlakes4x4 we understand that adding accessories may cause other functions not to perform correctly or even fail when needed, but that is all part of the balance when adding or removing parts on your vehicle. The 4×4 specialists that we are, we also offer 4wd mechanical services for your terrain buster. For more information, contact us through our message page or call us today.