What all drivers know, and especially off roaders, is that tyres are important. The right tyre adds to the performance of your car. Get it wrong and your car isn’t working at maximum capacity. It can also be dangerous in some conditions. Your vehicle sits on the tyres, they are what keeps you fixed to the roads. Avid off roaders and dirt drivers should know this already.

Standard tyres just don’t cut the mustard when you go off the beaten track. Your tyres need to be taken into account, whether you are competition driving or just going camping in the outback, the right 4wd wheels and tyres are essential. Most dirt warriors and gearheads have their preferred terrain, but this blog is too short to cover the different tyres for different terrains, so we at Southlakes 4×4 have concentrated on just three all-purpose off road tyres, just to give you a picture of what’s on offer.

Kumho AT 51

4wd tyres kumho AT51Tyre experts say that this is a good all round tyre to fit to your 4×4. It has excellent traction on muddy terrain as well as other soft surfaces. These tyres perform well in snowy conditions and also on wet metalled road surfaces too. Despite its rugged construction it also provides a smooth and comfortable ride, in town or country. When thinking of 4wd tyres, this is one brand and model to take into consideration.

Mickey Thompson Mat 38

These are called just Mickey All Terrain and are popular because of the tread construction. The tyres themselves are embedded with high tensile steel belts and cords that are 15% and 33% stronger than average. Good terrain and road grippers, they are great for wet surfaces. On top of the tread bars they have tiny incisions that actually suck in liquids and then squeeze them out. When looking for high performance and all terrain 4wd tyres, you won’t go wrong with these.

Cooper AT3LT

The Cooper AT3LT is a tyre that can be fitted to most 4wds and SUVs. It is basically a truck tyre design that has been developed for the rural- town market. The rim of the tyre treads has been scalloped to spread and give a smoother ride, with more grip on softer surfaces like bare soil. These tyres also have deep treads.

Enough Specs!

For more information about the specifications and features of the 4wd wheels and tyres that we carry, come and speak to us. Our staff at Southlakes 4×4 will be glad to give a rundown on specific tyres and other 4×4 accessories. Alternatively, you can contact us through our message page or simply call us today.