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Snorkels for your 4WD

At Southlakes 4×4 we are passionate about off-road driving, and we’re here to help you make the most of your 4×4 vehicle and have an incredible driving experience both on and off the road. We have been offering high-quality and affordable 4×4 accessories in Morisset for years and we are an authorised dealer and distributor for leading four-wheel-drive brands like Ironman and Tough Dog. We have a great selection of 4×4 snorkels to protect your engine and ensure maximum performance for your vehicle, whether you’re exploring, touring or adventuring in Australia.

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Holden Colorado

What are 4×4 snorkels?

A 4×4 snorkel is an important modification for off-road driving which fits neatly to your vehicle to relocate the engine’s air intake point to a higher location. By raising the level of the air intake with a snorkel, the engine will have access to clean, cool air rather than dust or water which may damage the engine without a snorkel. All of the 4×4 snorkels we stock at Southlakes are made from high-quality, durable materials and custom-designed to fit specific vehicles for a tight seal and reliable airflow to your engine.

Protect your engine with a 4×4 snorkel

If you regularly take your vehicle out into the Australian countryside, you’ll know that extreme driving conditions can take a toll on your engine and dust or water can potentially damage it. Snorkels were designed to protect four-wheel drive engines from dust and water by relocating the air intake point from underneath the bonnet to a higher position where clean, dry air is available. Increased airflow to the engine can enhance performance during off-road driving and it can also prevent any costly engine damage which could be caused by driving through water or during heavy downpours. Many 4×4 snorkels also have a built-in rain deflector too. If you’re a passionate off-road driver, you’ll know that the standard airflow position isn’t ideal for dusty roads, driving in rain or crossing water. By providing your vehicle with a cool, dry and clean air source, you can improve your vehicle’s performance and protect it from potential engine damage.


As snorkels are specifically designed to fit tightly to the vehicle, you need to make sure you get a snorkel kit that has been created specifically for your vehicle make and model.
All of our vehicle snorkel kits come with complete instructions and the process is straightforward and simple for 4x4 enthusiasts. If you have any issues installing your snorkel kit, don't hesitate to call.
That depends on which make or model vehicle you have, but in general 4x4 vehicle snorkels aren't more than a couple of hundred dollars and they can protect your engine from costly repairs in the future.

Call us now

At Southlakes 4×4 we pride ourselves on our vehicle expertise, technical knowledge and high-quality products. If you want to protect your engine with a 4×4 snorkel, call us today on 02 4973 6009 for a no-obligation quote. Our 4×4 experts can advise you on which snorkel is best for your vehicle and how to install it correctly.