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Why do you need special tyres for a 4×4 vehicle?

It is important to install special tyres for your 4×4 to maintain contact with the road and stay safe when driving. Due to their heavy weight, 4×4 vehicles have a higher centre of gravity which requires further assistance from tyres.

Standard 4×4 tyres, which typically refer to off-road tyres, have a deeper tread than common tyres and contain larger gaps. This allows the wheel to maintain contact with the ground through increased traction, even in adverse weather conditions. This contrasts with standard tyres which, when encountering difficult terrain, will quickly become bogged down in the mud and become uncooperative with the ground.

The most important reason why 4x4s require special tyres is that they are powered differently. Power travels from the engine and eventually resides in the transfer box, where it travels to a differential unit. The consequence of this is that all wheels are working. Unlike standard cars, no wheel passively spins as, instead, they all work together to manoeuvre the vehicle. This allows for better movement on difficult terrain where 4x4s are usually employed.

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What 4×4 tyres are available and what is their purpose?

There are three main types of 4×4 wheels, all of which have different properties to suit certain terrains:

  • On-road tyres – If you intend to use your 4×4 for menial on-road tasks, such as shopping or other urban treks, then we recommend 4×4 tyres that are designed for road use. These tyres offer low rolling resistance which reduces fuel consumption and allows for a quieter and smooth drive. Although these wheels are suitable for light off-road adventures, they are not to be employed on mud-intensive journeys or off-road use.
  • Off-road tyres – These tyres are suitable if you live in the countryside or spend most of your time driving in open fields, wide expanses of land, or farms. As previously mentioned, off-road 4×4 tyres have extra grip which allows for smooth manoeuvres on tricky terrain. This means that they offer greater support in wet conditions and good braking abilities. Their tough tread depth means that they are extremely durable and resistant to common wear and tear caused by environmental factors. Do not use these tyres on-road, as this will cause excessive fuel consumption.
  • All-terrain tyres – Although these tyres are not specialised, they offer good mobility on and off-road. This is achieved through a slightly reduced tread depth which is still able to retain enough friction to maintain contact with the ground in off-road locations.

To choose the right tyres for you, it is necessary to identify what terrain you usually venture on day-to-day and choose the tyre which best suits it.

Why choose Southlakes 4×4 for your tyres?

At Southlakes 4×4, we offer a wide range of 4×4 tyres that cover all terrains and offer maximum durability. We channel our expertise into making sure that you’re completely safe with suitable tyres and optimal road contact. Our tyres are all high quality and will accentuate your 4×4’s natural abilities.

Whilst our Cooper STMaxx tyres and Mickey Thomas range offer deep tread depth for off-road use, we also have a wide range of wheels more suitable for urban dwellers. Be sure to check out our Cooper SRX and Cooper CS5 tyres if required. Whatever you need, our first-hand experience with 4×4 vehicles means that we are more than qualified to offer the best option for you.

Contact us today for more information regarding our products and services.

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