All 4×4 offroad drivers are adventurers at heart, that’s why they choose to buy those rugged and tough vehicles. Getting away from it all, beautiful vistas, the quiet, and the tough driving challenges are all part of the fun. As avid dirt warriors, you’ve probably got tons of cool gadgets in your car, but are they the right ones for long trips into the outback? All those 4×4 accessories are neat, but maybe you’ve overlooked something?
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Apart from looking cool and being fun to play with, the real point of having 4×4 accessories is that they serve a proper function. With that in mind, we here at Southlakes 4×4 have been thinking about the necessary items that would make any excursion into the wild better. So we have put together this short list of essentials:

  1. Lights: For those that like adventure driving and offroad trips it isn’t usually a day trip, there and back within one day. It’s usually a least one overnight stay. This can involve night driving and then there is the need for adequate lighting when you camp. So, it is important to have the best lighting available to you. This includes driving lights, spotlights, LED light bars, and work lights.
  2. Tyres: Tyres and wheels are accessories that you need to get right. With tyres, it isn’t one size fits all. Supposedly, you have the correct tyres for your type of vehicle, but there also different types of tyres that are recommended for different terrains. If your trip is going to take in different kinds of terrain, it may be worth your while to check this out and maybe change those that you already have or take another set with you.
  3. 4×4 Suspensions: All offroaders should already know the importance of having good suspension. Offroading presents challenges to factory fitted suspension systems. Rough terrain can break your suspension so getting this right before your trip could save you headaches and money later. There are different types: spring, leaf, shock absorbers, dampers, and suspension kits that you can fit yourself.
  4. Winches: Electric winches are a must for wilderness driving. If you are taking a trip in tandem with others, you can help each other out if someone gets stuck. On the other hand, lone travellers may need to winch themselves out of tricky spots. Again, there is a choice of winches to choose from.

Which Accessories?

Above are just some of the basic 4×4 accessories that you would certainly need for offroad trips. Here at Southlakes4x4, we have the necessary items to make you trips safer and less stressful. There are more besides. Why not come down and see us at Southlakes4x4 or you can contact us through our message page for more information.