The Toyota LandCruiser is a household name among 4×4 drivers and the general public alike. Its powerful engine, torque and general size make it a great selection for those who enjoy off-road driving, while its comfortable seating and nifty technical features would appeal to anyone.

In this article, we’ll give you an outline of the pros and cons of buying a Toyota LandCruiser for 4-wheel driving, as well as some must-have 4×4 accessories if you do decide to purchase one.

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1. Powerful Engine

With a 3.3-litre V6 engine for the new 2022 LandCruiser 300 model and a 4.5-litre V8 for the LandCruiser 200, both models boast a powerful engine that translates to good speed and great torque. Don’t let the V6 fool you, the torque and power of the newer model are both better than their predecessor.

2. Off-Road Assists

The new LandCruisers come with downhill and hill-start assist, making your tough ascent and descent more manageable. The GR Sport model also has front and rear differential locking for you to brag to your mates about.

3. Great for On-Roading Too

While you’ll want to be using your LandCruiser for some mountain-climbing and rugged terrain, it’s good to know that it performs equally strongly on-road too. The new 300 boasts a smooth ride with little roll on bends despite its weight.


1. Price

While the newer 300 series has improved over the 200, those changes come with a hefty price increase. The more basic models pick up almost $10,000 extra over their older counterparts, and the GR sport has an eye-watering $150,000 drive-away cost.* Some drivers have been frustrated that despite this price upgrade, the interiors feel cheap and the weight has not been reduced nearly enough for their liking.


So you’re liking the sound of the LandCruiser, but feel like it could use a little something extra? Here’s what we’d recommend adding to give you the car of your dreams.

1. Suspension

Some reviewers have noted a little bit of crabbing when driving on cambered and corrugated road surfaces, so we’d recommend fitting suspension to counteract that. That little bit of extra support will go a long way to making your ride as comfortable and straight as possible.

2. Lights

If you’re planning to do any night driving then you’ll need some additional lighting. Driving with improper lighting is dangerous as it causes eye strain and you might miss something important, causing a serious accident. To avoid this, have a look at our range of lights to keep you safe.

3. Winch

No matter how skilled you are, mistakes can be made and you can end up bogged down. To get back on the road, you’ll need a winch to help you out. Check out our winches with up to 12,000 pound capacity and never worry about getting stuck again.


The Toyota Landcruiser is a hallmark of the 4×4 circuit, and for good reason. It provides luxury and comfort combined with the incredible power and torque you’d expect from an off-roader. Toyota has indevoured to improve on the 200 with its newer model and we’d say they’ve succeeded. While the price is pretty steep, it seems to be well worth it for such a quality product.

If you’re going to buy a LandCruiser or any other 4×4, make sure to check out our full range of products or visit us in-store. If you have any questions, please call us and our friendly staff would be more than happy to help you out.

* Cost dependent on state and add-ons. See the website for prices.

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