In 2020, the Holden Colorado 4×4 ute lineup was upgraded, with the addition of the LSX and new features across the board. The LSX was formerly a limited-edition model for Colorado, but it now joins the four-model lineup. Read on to learn the pros and cons of the Holden Colorado for 4-wheel driving as well as some accessories that can help with these drawbacks.

4x4 Vehicle On The Road

Pros Of The Holden Colorado

1. Features

All models come standard with heated leather seats, a digital radio, a full-size spare wheel, an infotainment system, seven airbags and a reversing camera and rear parking sensors to make your ride easy and pleasurable.

2. Fuel Efficiency

Holden takes fuel efficiency seriously, so the engine is fitted with fuel-saving technology that provides greater power while travelling at a low speed. Its fuel consumption is projected to begin at 8.6 litres per 100 kilometres, and this applies to the most recent models.

3. Off-road

If you take this car for a test drive, you’ll soon see that Holden’s engineers have gone above and beyond to build a vehicle that performs well both on and off-road. To be honest, there isn’t much the vehicle can’t handle; with a tow bar installed, you could easily take your family on an off-road vacation throughout Australia while towing a huge trailer.

Cons Of The Holden Colorado

1. Safety Options

The new model is more suited to off-road situations than earlier versions, but it lacks several sophisticated safety features, such as the automated emergency braking system seen in other utes in its class.

2. Seats

Another downside is that the seats are a little flat, and there isn’t much sideways support in the front and back seats, which haven’t been thoughtfully created. The seats on the more costly models, such as the Colorado Z71, are power-adjustable, which does solve this issue.

Accessories for 4×4 driving

1. Off-the-road Tyres

Most new 4×4 cars come with tyres that aren’t suitable for heavy off-roading, so replacements that provide more grip and traction in off-road situations are advised.

Having a spare tyre in your off-road vehicle should go without saying, yet it is often overlooked. Most new vehicles no longer come with a spare tyre, which may not be a major issue if you’re driving locally and through the city but may quickly become a real pain if you have a flat somewhere off the usual path.

2. Satellite Navigation

Imagine having so much fun exploring the outdoors that you lose all sense of direction and become lost! While most cellphones come with a mapping programme, they’re ineffective if you can’t obtain a mobile reception.

If you have access to a satellite navigation system, you may use the on-screen instructions to get back on track. If your vehicle doesn’t have a built-in navigation system, you can acquire a portable one for a reasonable price.

3. Shovel Aids

If you get trapped, don’t make the mistake of rotating your wheels at top speed. Instead, use a shovel and some rug boards to try to free your vehicle. If you’re really struggling, a high lift jack and a good recovery line would be your best option.

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