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Ford Ranger PX Front Constant Load Coil Springs

Ironman 4×4 produce a wide range of coil springs to suit a range of load ratings, all designed to maintain optimum ride height.


Quantity Required 1

Estimated Lift 40mm

Additional Load 50kg-110kg

Package Details Pair

Additional Notes Vehicles with independent suspension must maintain a minimum of 60mm downward suspension travel.

When Ordering Select springs in accordance with your vehicles additional load.

Material Diameter 18.5mm

Free Height 367mm

End I/D 80m

Spring Rate (N/mm) 173

Spring Rate (lbf/in) 989

Product Description

Coils springs produced by Ironman 4×4 undergo class leading manufacturing processes to ensure the highest possible quality, including:

CNC Cold Coiled – All Ironman 4×4 coil springs are CNC Cold coiled to ensure perfect consistency and accuracy. The result of cold coiling means that springs are subjected to less heat during the manufacturing process to help maintain the materials properties and resulting in longer life.

Bar Peeled – Coil spring steel is all bar peeled to ensure consistent material diameter before coiling. Bar peeling ensure exact material size is maintain and that it remains constant and free of flaws along the entire length of the steel used in the coils.

Shot Peened – Shot peening manipulates the spring materials surface tension to reduce stress and will enhance the springs life.

Triple Scragged – To minimize coil settling after installation, every Ironman 4×4 coil is fully compressed to a solid coil state three times.

Progressive and Linear Rate – Based off the original vehicle manufacturers preference accordance with the original vehicle setup. Progressive springs increase spring rate as the spring compresses, linear springs maintain a consistent rate throughout its range.

Powder Coated – All Ironman 4×4 coil springs are electro-static powder-coated for a gleaming and lasting appearance.


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