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  • Fridge Wireless Thermometer

Fridge Wireless Thermometer

Monitor the temperature of your fridge with this handy wireless thermometer.


Transmitting Range 25m

Product Description

Battery operated wireless thermometer designed for monitoring the temperature in any fridge/freezer. Sensor is fitted in fridge (supplied with a mounting bracket) and handheld display shows internal fridge temperature and ambient temperature from up to 25m away. This display will also show minimum and maximum temperatures and has a digital clock. Temperature range measured in fridge is -29.9 to 69.9 degrees Celsius, ambient temperature range is 0 to 60 degrees Celsius.

  • Monitors fridge / freezer temperature
  • Minimum and maximum temperature recording
  • Ambient (outside temperature)
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit readout selection
  • 12 or 24 hour clock setting
  • Includes mount brackets for both sender and receiver
  • Includes 5 x AAA batteries


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