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Flo-Max Air Compressor 72L / min, 12v

Southlakes 4×4 12 Volt heavy duty compressor. Maximum 150 psi pressure pumping out up to 72 litres per minute.


Flow Rate 72L/min

Maximum Pressure 150psi

Max. Amperage 30 Amps

Motor Type Perm. Magnetic

Fuse 40 Amps

Auto Reset Thermal Protection? Yes

Voltage 12V


Do not touch the compressor or the fitting, (other than the ON/OFF switch) with bare hands during or immediately after use.

This Air Compressor is equipped with a THERMAL OVERLOAD PROTECTOR. If the unit should shut off automatically during operation, do not attempt to restart compressor. Turn compressor's ON/OFF switch to the OFF position. Allow compressor to cool off for approximately 30 minutes before resuming use.


3 years


Product Description

The southlakes 4×4 12 Volt heavy duty compressor is ideal for the value conscious 4wder. Featuring a big 3 year warranty, maximum 150 psi pressure and pumping out up to 72 litres per minute.

  • Snap-on quick release fittings
  • 5m heat resistant, heavy duty hose
  • Inline prssure gauge/deflator
  • Alloy base tray
  • Anti-Vibration feet
  • Moisture & Dust resistant
  • Servicable filter
  • Stainless steel valves
  • Maintenance-free motor
  • Screw in air filter
  • Includes heavy duty carry bag




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