It’s fair to say that one of the leading benefits of a great 4X4 vehicle is the excellent suspension that they offer. You get the experience of a super smooth drive on any kind of terrain, but that is, of course, only if your suspension is working as it should be!


Here at Southlakes 4X4 we know everything there is to know about suspension, and that includes picking up on the small changes that you might not even realise to start with, but that might prove detrimental in the future. To help you out, here are some of the most common ways to tell if your own 4X4 suspension might be in need of some important care and attention.


  • You are pulling or drifting to one side when driving in a straight line. This most commonly alludes to something like a broken spring, poor alignment or the shocks no longer being able to provide stability to the body of the vehicle.
  • You are noticing that rides that used to be incredible smooth and effortless are suddenly more rough and bump than they have been before. This is bound to be an issue with the shock absorbers.
  • One of your corners is visibly lower than all of the others. A damaged spring is usually the cause of a problem like this.
  • You have noticed that your vehicle is starting to dip or nose dive when you use the brakes to stop. This usually means that your struts or shocks are worn out and need to be replaced.
  • If your vehicle is leaking fluid then is could be a sign that your shocks needs replacing. This can be a very serious issue so as soon as you notice that you are leaving a trail, it is best to get straight to a garage.
  • It can be a sign that your suspension needs attention if you start to experience difficulty in steering, especially when driving at a slower speed.


So, if you start to notice any of those problems in your own vehicle, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or give us a call! We are dedicated to making sure that all four wheel drive owners are fully catered for and safe on the roads, through both simple fixes and accessory additions that help to provide a more enjoyable driving experience. We look forward to hearing from you!