Whether you’re going on an off-road adventure or embarking on a long road trip, there’s a multitude of 4×4 accessories that can make the drive a much more enjoyable experience. At Southlakes 4×4, we stock a huge range of 4WD equipment and accessories to ensure your 4×4 is ready to roam the great Australian landscape.



Suspension is the control and handling your 4×4 needs if it’s going off-road. To ensure your journey is comfortable—and without unnecessary bouncing—a durable, high-quality suspension system is required.

Our suspension products include:



A snorkel is an intricate component to your 4×4. When a snorkel is fitted to your 4WD, it moves the engine air intake from under the bonnet and transfers it to roof height. It also reduces the chances of water coming onto the engine when crossing rivers.

At Southlakes 4×4, we stock a variety of snorkels to suit most major models including, Ford, Holden Colorado, Isuzu and Toyota.



An electric winch is a motorised device that is used to pull or lift your 4×4 with steel cabling that winds along a horizontal drum. This is ideal for when your 4×4 becomes bogged or is needed to transport your vehicle across particularly hazardous areas.

Our selection of 12v electric winches include:



Self-explanatory, but very important. Lights make night driving possible, and while trekking off-road, there’s usually a shortage of streetlights. At Southlakes 4×4, we stock an extensive range of lights in a variety of applications. These include:



Arguably just as self-explanatory as the purpose of lights, however, when it comes to 4×4 off-roading, having reliable wheels is very important. At Southlakes 4×4, our showroom is home to a huge range of tyres and wheels from leading brands. These include:

  • Deegan
  • Kumho
  • Maxxis
  • Cooper
  • Mickey Thompson

Conquer the rocky, uneven and unforgiving Australian outback with a set of high-quality, no-nonsense wheels.


For that glorious moment when you’re about to head out on an adventure—make sure your 4×4 has the accessories required to make it a great experience. Contact Southlakes 4×4 today to see what 4×4 accessories we have in stock or fill out our enquiry form for more information.

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