When it comes to things that are most important in a four-wheel drive vehicle, good quality 4wd suspension is right up there at the top of the list. You definitely want a machine that is big to be able to provide a smooth and comfortable driving experience, and suspension is the first thing that goes towards helping that.

If you aren’t a complete petrol head like all the team here at Southlakes 4X4, then you might not be aware that there are actually multiple types of suspension that you can select for your car, each slightly different and each providing differing benefits. To help you out with your own knowledge a little bit, here are some of the many types of 4wd suspension that might suit your car.


IFS is independent front suspension. This type enables the wheels on the front axle of your 4×4 car to move up and down completely independently to those on the rear axle. This is a good set up if you are looking for maximum stability, optimum steering, and driving comfort.


This is independent rear suspension, and as the name suggests, it acts in the same way as IFS but for the rear of the vehicle. Independent rear suspension is less common than IFS. Most modern 4wd vehicles have IFS but it can also be combined with IRS.

MacPherson Strut

This is a kind of suspension that contains a coil spring positioned over the top of a strut that works to absorb various driving shocks. The main advantage of MacPherson Strut is that it is simple and lightweight compared to other types of suspension setups.

Air Suspension

Air suspension differs itself from the others by using air springs controlled by air compressors and self-levelling electronics. Once only found on trucks, this type of suspension is now starting to be used in lots of different kinds of vehicles.

Leaf Spring

Leaf spring is one of the most common and oldest forms of suspension. It is comprised of a simple design made up of numerous metal curved strips that are clamped together.

So, when the time comes for you to have your own session of selecting 4×4 suspension for your vehicle, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for not only some of the best advice in town but also some of the best deals and accessories. Being the owner of a four-wheel drive is a lifestyle, not just a driving choice!