If you’re looking for a new vehicle to take you on your next 4WD adventure, don’t look past the Volkswagen Amarok. It’s at the top of its game when it comes to handling and steering, making it a great asset for off-roading. Every vehicle comes with limitations, though, so to give you the most realistic picture of the VW Amarok, we’ve put together this handy list of pros and cons.


Stand-Out Features

There’s plenty that sets the Volkswagen Amarok apart from the rest. We’ve already mentioned the great steering and handling, and you really wouldn’t want anything less from a 4WD vehicle you’re taking off-road.

As with most other 4×4 utes, the four-wheel drive manual Amarok comes with part-time 4WD and dual-range gearing options. This means you can navigate slippery surfaces or wet conditions with 4WD. What’s more, the low-range 4WD option allows you to drive smoothly and safely off-road at low speed.

All 4WD Amaroks come with a rear differential lock, which allows you to travel further off-road. They’re also fitted with anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control, which is a fantastic asset to have in a skid. Tyres are made from aluminium alloy which helps you navigate sealed roads and rough terrain with ease.

More off-roading-friendly features on different models in the Amarok series include:

  • Automatic wipers and headlights, front foglights, bigger wheels and a sports bar on the Core Plus
  • A V6 engine and larger wheels on the TDI550 Sportline
  • Bright bi-xenon headlights, LED running lights and tyre pressure monitors on the TDI550 Highline
  • Gearbox control from your steering, an extended sports bar, and 19-inch, low-profile wheels on the TDI550 Ultimate.

Amaroks make for a great off-road driving experience and are really at the top of the light 4WD ute range. The rear differential lock, traction control, and underside protection are great assets for any driving on rough terrain. As auto Amaroks come with full-time 4WD, you can easily head off-road without needing to engage low-range driving.


One downside of the Amarok is its limited airbags. With only side-curtain airbags installed, backseat passengers won’t get the protection from side impacts they’d receive in other vehicles of a similar size.

If you’re heading off on a road trip, the relative scarcity of VW dealers beyond the cities means you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who’ll fix your car if it breaks down.

If you’ve opted for a V6-engined Amarok, you should know it doesn’t come with a second set of low-range gears to navigate slow off-road driving. With that being said, this model’s eight-speed auto gearbox has very low ratios in first and second gears, which is really the next best thing.

The V6’s low-profile tyres are more prone to off-road damage than their smaller, higher-profile alternatives, so if you’re planning off-road driving you’ll likely benefit from 16 or 17-inch wheels – which can be added to the TDI550 at no extra cost.

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