The suspension of your car is vital if you want to drive your vehicle in comfort, and particularly if you want to go off-road. Making the most of your 4×4 often means improving the vehicle with a 4wd suspension that will give you better handling and an easier drive in difficult terrain. In order to understand more about this suspension, and what it can do for you, Southlakes 4×4 have a simple guide to tell you everything.

What is a suspension?

You might have been driving for years without thinking much about the type of suspension that you have on your vehicle, but 4×4 cars tend to have highly engineered suspension. The purpose of this mechanism is to reduce the impact when you go over bumps, and steady the wheels so that they keep in contact with the ground. The more worn-down your suspension, the more likely you are to feel each bump in the road.

Choosing a 4-wheel-drive suspension

When you are improving your suspension with a kit, you need to think about which of these systems is right for you. For example, you should consider the

  • Weight
  • Durability
  • Likely terrain
  • 4wd flex and flex improvement

Most importantly of all, you will have to think about the comfort that these types of kits will give to your drive experience. Southlakes 4×4 can help you choose the right suspension for your 4wd.

Weight capacity

To get the most out of your suspension kit, it is recommended that you remove all accessories, including bars and roof racks, that might make the vehicle significantly heavier.


Shock absorbers need to be suitable for use in your chosen terrain. The heavier the going, or the longer you intend to drive, the more likely you are to need a heavy-duty type of shock absorber.


If you are just commuting to and from your home on city-grade roads, you won’t need a powerful suspension. However, most 4wd owners choose to go offroading, and they require heavy-duty suspension to make this comfortable.

Better flex

If you want to drive off-road, then your 4wd flex needs to be good. Getting longer shock absorbers can improve the flex, but this can be expensive work.

Get comfortable with us

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