This is to all you dirt warriors out there that love adventure driving. When you go out on a trip you set out with the confidence that you’re going to get wherever you’re going and back again without any mishaps. Unfortunately, we all know that accidents happen, especially if you are an outback rider. You know that in challenging terrain your vehicle can get damaged. Fortunately, there are 4×4 accessories that can help protect your vehicle. For that reason, we at Southlake 4×4 would like to remind you of the accessories that provide protection for your precious 4×4 vehicle.

Bull Bars

For extreme drivers these are a must. You never know what is around the next rock, bush, or tree. These are your first line of defence. Prang a large animal and your front end stoves in.

Bash Plates

These protect the underside of your car from those sudden dips and protrusions that you come across. Bashing in the underneath components isn’t going to do your car any good.


The right 4×4 suspension is important. There are several different types of suspension and these are good 4×4 accessories to think about. On rough ground your suspension can take a real beating. The right type of suspension can give you a smoother ride and may well last longer than the standard issue that comes with the car.

Rear Protection

Although out in the wilds you are unlikely to get shunted from behind, reversing too enthusiastically may cause problems. Trees and rocks can suddenly appear in your rear view mirror when they weren’t there before! Bumpers and protective tow bars are good things to consider.


On suburban roads you don’t need to put much thought into what tyres you have, but in wild country it’s a different matter. Not only do they need to be tough, but they need the best grip. Skidding or sliding in thick mud, in the pouring rain, bogging down in soft sand or loose dirt surfaces, isn’t going to do you or your vehicle a lot of good.


Not all trips are there and back in a day. Sometimes you are going to be off-road during the night. Then it is essential to see where you are going as far in front of you as possible. For that you need a good set of lights or extra ones to light up your way.

Protection Makes Sense

Mentioned above are just some of the 4×4 accessories you can use to protect your vehicle. Here at Southlakes 4×4 we aren’t trying to turn your off-roader sport into something safe enough for your grandma, but we believe you should do your best to protect your 4×4 vehicle. It’s better to have it on the road instead of in the workshop, so come down and see us or call us for more info.